So, let’s clean up some of the dust that’s covering my old blog.

It’s been some time.

Writing requires time and preparation. One time I counted – to write a neat blog post I take about 8-12h, including research excluding proofreading. That’s a lot! No biggie I don’t have that much time to just sit and write, daily business has higher precedence, as always.

On the other hand, writing, free writing, without a plan, or structure, helps to clear the mind and boosts creativity. Let’s see how it will go. Standards are down, and the content volume goes up! Wonder how long will it take until I consider the whole thing just a scribble and put it down. Or I just get tired.

If you don’t set expectations, you won’t be disappointed, they say. So let’s check if they are right.

I always disliked the manner in which people announce their goals (new years goals are the worst!) and in a week or two – abandon them.

Oh, a big change, I gonna try to write in English. After all, it has much higher adoption across the internet, than my native language. And it will be nice to exercise the brain cells once in a while. I rarely have a chance to use it, apart from having quarrels at work.

Did you know that the brain ages, and with time it’s more and more difficult to learn, stay creative, show brilliance, and have those awesome 'aha!’ moments when new ideas spark? We tend to follow the same tracks, and looking beyond our habits gets difficult. It gets worse if you abuse coffee or suffer from covid (that brain fog is horrible, trust me!) But not everything is lost! It’s harder, but exercise helps. Or at least I hope it helps.